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oh you wanna leave? yeah right i dont think youre going anywhere. wont you stay a while? we really do have some lovely files! and other good content! its a nice place to hang yknow? take your coat off, grab a seat. what, you still wanna go? yeah? yeah? youre bored of this? you dont wanna stay in our stuff folder forever? yeah nobody does. no one. not a soul. they all leave. actually ok thats fine most people have better places to be lmao. head back, but visit again; the doors always open! <3 lol i just realized if you even stuck around long enough to see this message START appearing, youre already Sticking Around. well hi and welcome, or welcome back, to the site then!!! :D btw if you got mesmerized by the stuff text THAT long you really should go do some research on hypno kink, shouldnt you~