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mtui - Music Text User Interface - user-friendly command line music player
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2018-12-23Merge branch 'master' into web-mtui web-mtuiFlorrie
2018-12-23Mouse support in tabber elementsFlorrie
2018-12-23Fill in package.jsonFlorrie
2018-12-23Update tui-libFlorrie
2018-12-23Merge branch 'master' into web-mtuiFlorrie
2018-12-23HTTP crawler stuffFlorrie
2018-12-23Fix typo in keybindings section of READMEFlorrie
2018-12-23Show "unnamed" in "this group:" (and its menu)Florrie
2018-12-22Remove mpv playerFlorrie
2018-12-22More http crawler tweakingFlorrie
2018-12-22Progress info, feedback on stop, etcFlorrie
2018-12-22Stop musicFlorrie
2018-12-22Seek, pauseFlorrie
2018-12-22Make playFile return a promiseFlorrie
2018-12-22Remove code that requires youtube downloaderFlorrie
2018-12-22Play musicFlorrie
2018-12-22HTTP crawler stuffFlorrie
2018-12-22Make mtui work in webpackFlorrie
2018-12-22Use cleaner tui-lib require syntaxFlorrie
2018-12-21Fix "this group" listing item causing a crashFlorrie
2018-12-21Make cursor follow selection in queue listingFlorrie
2018-12-21Remove dead codeFlorrie
2018-12-21Move menu behavior out of grouplike item elementsFlorrie
2018-12-21"Distribute" optionsFlorrie
2018-12-19Fix typo in READMEFlorrie
2018-12-19Try a slightly different shuffle-groups processFlorrie
2018-12-19Revive the old shuffle-groups feature!Florrie
2018-12-19Make a neater neato nice context menu!Florrie
2018-12-15Label showing # of items / total items in menuFlorrie
2018-12-15Expand width of ContextMenu items to all be equalFlorrie
2018-12-15Add "this group" option to grouplike listingsFlorrie
2018-12-15Update tui-lib, buildItems stress testFlorrie
2018-12-15Get rid of unnecessary map() callFlorrie
2018-12-15Dramatically optimize perf of large playlistsFlorrie
2018-12-15Fix remove-from-queue performanceFlorrie
2018-12-08Update tui-libFlorrie
2018-12-08Update tui-libFlorrie
2018-12-08Mouse controls over playback info elementFlorrie
2018-12-08Mouse supportFlorrie
2018-12-05Support AnimeFlorrie
2018-12-04Stress test stuffFlorrie
2018-11-23Hide context menu when it's unselectedFlorrie
2018-11-23(f) to open menu as well as (m)Florrie
2018-11-12Add simple list-cache debug toolFlorrie
2018-11-12Tweak how youtube-dl downloads are storedFlorrie
2018-11-12Fix many menu items being missingFlorrie
2018-11-11Fix bad comment text from previous commitFlorrie
2018-11-11Clean up and debuggify "fake" listing elementsFlorrie
2018-10-11Don't bubble escape when it doesn't make senseFlorrie
2018-10-11Don't queue groups in the wrong order!Florrie