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mtui - Music Text User Interface - user-friendly command line music player
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backup-socket-mtuidon't explode without metadata lol(quasar) nebula12 months
mainupdate to open@10(quasar) nebula9 days
merge-socket-mtuiMerge branch 'main' into merge-socket-mtui(quasar) nebula8 days
rebased-socket-mtuidon't explode without metadata lol(quasar) nebula8 days
web-mtuiMerge branch 'master' into web-mtuiFlorrie5 years
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9 daysupdate to open@10 HEAD main(quasar) nebula
9 daysnpm audit(quasar) nebula
9 daysupdate tui-lib to 0.4.1(quasar) nebula
11 daysprepare to view selected items page after starting selection(quasar) nebula
11 daysfix context menu not detecting scroll bar appropriately(quasar) nebula
11 dayssave current context menu page number as a named id(quasar) nebula
11 daysremember which main context menu page was open(quasar) nebula
11 daysadd/remove part of group to/from selection(quasar) nebula
11 dayshandy dandy selectTracks function(quasar) nebula
11 daysadd limit option to shuffleArray(quasar) nebula