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2023-08-15css: pad sticky-heading's h1 to avoid touching main cover art(quasar) nebula
2023-08-15data: track: indicate rereleases in util.inspect(quasar) nebula
2023-08-15yaml: report unambiguous names for resolving track rereleases(quasar) nebula
2023-08-15yaml: fix normal find.track errors not passing through(quasar) nebula
2023-08-15yaml: miscellaneous improvements(quasar) nebula
2023-08-15thumbs: tweak verifyImagePaths messages(quasar) nebula
2023-08-14data: remove 'Has Track Art', compute from credits(quasar) nebula
2023-08-14thumbs: include .gifs for verifying, but not generating(quasar) nebula
2023-08-14automatically verify expected vs extant image files(quasar) nebula
2023-08-14content: generatePageLayout: present sidebars in skipper properly data-steps(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13content: generateListRandomPageLinksGroupSection: exclude one-track albums(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13content: genreateListRandomPageLinksGroupSection: explicit sort(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13content: don't show chronology info for artists w/ one relevant contrib(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13content, client: "Random Pages" listing(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13infra: always use ./ style for dynamic import(quasar) nebula
2023-08-13infra: attempt to make content function imports work on windows(quasar) nebula
2023-08-12content: transformContent: display large thumbs by default(quasar) nebula
2023-08-12yaml: filter and report ranges of blank documents(quasar) nebula
2023-08-11content: generateReleaseInfoContributionsLine: don't cut past 4 contributions(quasar) nebula
2023-08-11upd8: suppress only "didn't match anything" for sample ref errors(quasar) nebula
2023-08-11upd8: move --no-build log message earlier(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10remove reference flash page code(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: generateFlashIndexPage(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: generateFlashSidebar(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: generateFlashNavAccent: match sidebar sort directly(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: generateFlashInfoPage(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: generateContributionList(quasar) nebula
2023-08-10content: linkContribution: add preventWrapping slot(quasar) nebula
2023-08-09content: transformContent: always stringify {type: 'node'} data(quasar) nebula
2023-08-09content: transformContent: fix lyrics-mode line break bugs(quasar) nebula
2023-08-09content: generateArtistInfoPageChunk: handle non-range flash dates properly(quasar) nebula
2023-08-09Merge branch 'data-steps' of github.com:hsmusic/hsmusic-wiki into data-steps(quasar) nebula
2023-08-09content: listAll{Additional,SheetMusic,MidiProject}Files(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: transformContent: "dynamically" detect slot availability(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08We're Still Good(R)(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08Merge branch 'data-steps' of github.com:hsmusic/hsmusic-wiki into data-steps(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: transformContent: [[date]] use toUTCString(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: transformContent: fix [[date]] not working(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: transformContent: support [[site/media/root:path]](quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: transformContent: don't override previously set link slots(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: linkThing: handle name-undefined things gracefully(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: linkTemplate: display message when content missing(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08write, content: restore & handle redirect titles properly(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: dedicated arbitrary page URL key(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: generateCommentaryIndexPage(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08content: move hard-coded redirects into page files(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08write: static-build: ensure output directory exists first of all(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08bulid: static-build: restore generateRedirectHTML, touch up redirect code(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08improve --lang-path help message(quasar) nebula
2023-08-08css: fit any .image-container to parent .square(quasar) nebula