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2023-09-01thumbs: use image-size module instead of magick identify(quasar) nebula
2023-08-20content: linkTemplate: strip <a> tags from content(quasar) nebula
2023-08-19clean up imports & miscellaneous metastructures across codebase(quasar) nebula
2023-08-18define global #sugar and #wiki-data imports(quasar) nebula
2023-05-25content: multiline content & fill out album/track pages more(quasar) nebula
2023-04-08html: drastically simplify template/slot system(quasar) nebula
2023-03-27data steps: basic custom mocking function support(quasar) nebula
2023-03-27reorganize test directory layout(quasar) nebula
2023-03-26disable tap coverage(quasar) nebula
2023-03-25data steps: port tests to tap instead of tape(quasar) nebula
2023-03-21fix tests not targeting right module paths(quasar) nebula
2023-01-16stub --help option(quasar) nebula
2022-12-06quick-reload HSMusic-dedicated data tests(quasar) nebula
2022-11-27redesign & refinements for sticky layouting(quasar) nebula
2022-11-20htmlify upd8.js, remove fix-whitespace dependency(quasar) nebula
2022-06-28Merge branch 'staging' into prettify-lint(quasar) nebula
2022-06-28add command-exists as npm dependency(quasar) nebula
2022-06-26fix incorrect main in package.json(quasar) nebula
2022-06-26remove prettier, don't lint indentation(quasar) nebula
2022-06-26real pragma, and some eslint fixes(quasar) nebula
2022-06-26initial prettier/eslint commit(quasar) nebula
2022-01-18initial working changes for big data restructure(quasar) nebula
2021-05-06break up utility file, get build for sure working(quasar) nebula
2021-05-05move upd8 code files into their own directory(quasar) nebula
2021-03-02rework 90% all upd8 code to support localization(quasar) nebula
2021-02-02major rework of CSS theme variable internals(quasar) nebula
2021-02-01initial staging commit (data/media pruned)(quasar) nebula
2020-05-25big update owoFlorrie
2019-11-13Initial commitFlorrie