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2021-04-19transform replacer arguments tf-parser(quasar) nebula
2021-04-19trim whitespace surrounding first/last text nodes(quasar) nebula
2021-04-19move textOnly tag test before advancing past "[["(quasar) nebula
2021-04-19fix incorrect iEnd values on text nodes(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16connect parser to updated replacer & rest of code!(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16show line and column position in parse errors(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16match hash/replacerValue only without preceding WS(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16add end index to node info(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16add hash to tag syntax(quasar) nebula
2021-04-16fix final text not being added as node(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15simple replaceKey/Value syntax (cur: 110k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15remove unused original code(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15use regexes, avoid parse by letter (cur: 110k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15don't global-hoist speedtest definition(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15run 5s of tests instead of 1 (cur: 87k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15parser error throwing/handling bugfixes(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15don't use makeNode (cur: 84k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15remove void parseOneTextNode logic (cur: 84k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15make data in text nodes string (cur: 84k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15remove objs from fn signatures (cur: 84k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15store node data in its own property (cur: 51k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15simplify once-used pushNode call (cur: 48.5k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15don't recreate reused functions (cur: 48k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15no unnecessary objects in returns (cur: 46k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15literal matching as plain strings (cur: 40k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-15new parser progress so far (cur: 15k/sec)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-10new Albums - by Date Added to Wiki listing(quasar) nebula
2021-04-10hide unreleased tracks from by-duration listing(quasar) nebula
2021-04-09New Additions homepage row & date added to wiki(quasar) nebula
2021-04-09disable end-of-page banner on track pages(quasar) nebula
2021-04-09hide info cards behind localStorage flag for now(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06only animate info card hiding if it's shown(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06show cover artists in info card(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06auto-height image banner(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06fix padding from info card at bottom of page(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06banner style tweaks(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06fix banner waiting to load messing up layout(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06fix broken linkPathname-style links(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06fix colorless album groups in sidebar (thanks FF!)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05i fixed the bug :)(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05basic artist list in info cards(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05now That is a typo(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05use or mock ListFormat api on client(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05reveal strings on info card art(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05info card thumbnail & image link/color niceness(quasar) nebula
2021-04-05info card dimension tweaks(quasar) nebula
2021-04-04cover art in info card(quasar) nebula
2021-04-04fix Tags - by Uses listing directory lol(quasar) nebula
2021-04-04more url system fixes(quasar) nebula
2021-04-04info card animations(quasar) nebula