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cache-and-checksexperimental cache & checks code(quasar) nebula17 months
content-cacheexperimental content cache and relations "scoring"(quasar) nebula4 months
data-stepscontent: generatePageLayout: present sidebars in skipper properly(quasar) nebula4 months
networked-tagscontent, client, css: tag gallery: showing all / direct / indirect(quasar) nebula6 weeks
prettify-linthtmlify album pages(quasar) nebula17 months
previewcontent, test: transformContent: handle indentation more carefully(quasar) nebula15 hours
releaseupd8: add --no-language-reloading option, default for static-build(quasar) nebula3 weeks
stagingupd8: add --no-language-reloading option, default for static-build(quasar) nebula3 weeks
track-data-cleanupdata: misc. composite fixes(quasar) nebula8 weeks
track-sectionsstrings: fallbackGroupName -> fallbackSectionName(quasar) nebula11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-22wiki short name in page/tab title data-restructure(quasar) nebula
2022-05-22fix broken redirect writes(quasar) nebula
2022-05-22new YAML quick load util, moved code from repl(quasar) nebula
2022-05-22GPL 3.0 -> MIT license(quasar) nebula
2022-05-19copy favicon from media directory if present(quasar) nebula
2022-05-18Additional Files styling improvements(quasar) nebula
2022-05-15social embeds (discord, maybe twitter)(quasar) nebula
2022-05-12don't inherit strings in the wrong direction lol(quasar) nebula
2022-05-12preload, map and format sizes of additional files(quasar) nebula
2022-05-12additional files(quasar) nebula