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hsmusic-data - Data files for https://hsmusic.wiki - track, album, artist & flash info, etc
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2021-08-02misc changes/additions since wiki finalization(quasar) nebula
2021-06-01'beyond' group(quasar) nebula
2021-04-30psycholonials data + bg from Niklink!(quasar) nebula
2021-04-11what is lost in the mines?(quasar) nebula
2021-04-09Funk McLovin album data(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06data updates and albums by cristata(quasar) nebula
2021-04-06data updates and albums by nuclear333(quasar) nebula
2021-03-02miscellaneous data fixes(quasar) nebula
2021-03-02replace all relative links with stable [[codes]](quasar) nebula
2021-02-07fix missing class="split" in TGP description(quasar) nebula
2021-02-06Psycholonials data & layout(quasar) nebula
2021-02-02add data for Desynced albums(quasar) nebula
2021-01-29add discography of Michael Guy Bowman(quasar) nebula
2021-01-28distinct HS Gaiden group(quasar) nebula
2021-01-12traversing fandom(quasar) nebula
2021-01-08okay so like, hear me out here(quasar) nebula