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link to news entries from changelog
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     <h2 id="12-feb-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-feb-2021">[[date:12 February 2021]] - retrace, retexture</a></h2>
+    (news entry: [[news-entry:retrace-retexture]])
     <h3>site changes</h3>
     - added per-album wallpapers
         - many albums have these, e.g. [[album:homestuck-vol-5]]; check "data changes" section for full list
@@ -220,6 +221,7 @@ Content:
     - fixed certain tracks [[root:media/misc/changelog/duplicate-contribs.png|showing up twice]] in artist track lists
     <h2 id="12-jan-2021" class="major-release"><a href="#12-jan-2021">[[date:12 January 2021]] - traversing fandom</a></h2>
+    (news entry: [[news-entry:traversing-fandom]])
     <h3>site changes</h3>
     - added wallpaper and refined site layout
         - [[root:media/misc/changelog/bg-january.jpg|the current wallpaper]] is pulled from <a href="https://www.homestuck.com/info-more">More from Homestuck</a> and might be changed or expanded upon in future updates
@@ -312,6 +314,7 @@ Content:
     - added [[tag:shrek]]
     <h2 id="12-dec-2020" class="major-release"><a href="#12-dec-2020">[[date:12 December 2020]] - launch of hsmusic.wiki</a></h2>
+    (news entry: [[news-entry:hsmusicwiki]])
     <h3>site changes</h3>
     - redesigned the homepage from the ground up to be a better landing page for the wiki!
         - three groupings for the wiki index: New Releases, Fandom, Official, showing just a few so it's easy to navigate, with new buttons to view a complete grid listing