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hsmusic-data - Data files for https://hsmusic.wiki - track, album, artist & flash info, etc
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releasepreview draws near root news entry(quasar) nebula8 months
setting-tagsfixes lol + changelog additions(quasar) nebula8 months
stagingfill out a demo-sized portion of Sampled Tracks(quasar) nebula6 days
staging-yamlremove Additional Tracks from main groups(quasar) nebula7 months
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2022-05-07remove Additional Tracks from main groups staging-yaml(quasar) nebula
2022-05-07changelog updates(quasar) nebula
2022-05-07restore Can You Feel the Love Tonight(quasar) nebula
2022-05-07remove a bunch of unused artist entries(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06remove refs beyond homestuck w/o any connections(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06missing reference in entertaining sound(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06missing reference in Team Paradox(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06psycholonials Love Song original release data(quasar) nebula
2022-05-06word wrap changelog(quasar) nebula
2022-05-05reorganized Unreleased Tracks (still kinda wip)(quasar) nebula